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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August 22nd! Mark your calendars

Thats the date that G-d's servant, the nut job of Iran has set as the day he will show the US and the world his decision regarding his countries nuclear program. Now I'm not some loony toon skeptical about everything except my computer, but is really going to come to some serious decision that he hasn't come to yet on that date? In all seriousness people this guy is the Hitler of our time, or perhaps G-ds messenger to force the (insert name of G-ds real chosen people here) people to do teshuva.

My Plan

As for my own personal course of action I will attempt to hurl as many insults as possible at the white donkey rider in hopes that he will come and meet me face to face to secure his honor. I will then leave a few of my trusted compatriots hiding in the bushes and as soon as the white donkey rider has turned his back to them they will capture him for use as a bargaining chip with G-d for whatever we so desire. Of course our just and only demand will be that god send another true prophet to hail the melech ha-moshiach who will then defeat the enemies of G-d in that much awaited battle (hopefully ill choose the right side). Then after g-d has revealed his true presence through the messiah on earth we will release the original white donkey dude in good faith and retire to the bliss of the beis medrash.

Who said you can't learn something from Hezbullah?


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