"On the banks of the rivers of New York, there we sat and there we cried as we remembered zion..." - The thoughts and theories of a returned yeshiva student after the "year".

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well it looks like a third Israeli has now been checked into the five star Hamas Hilton. This grand luxury Islamist hotel is mostly known for its Sodom and Gomorra treatment of guests of whom the last was the late-Nachshon Wachsman, may he rest in peace. Israelis Gilad Shalit, Eliyahu Asheri and Noam Moskowitz are all reportedly held by various factions of the Muhammed and sons murders inc. Tzahal help them, and if that doesn't work than perhaps G-d might do so. Isn't it about time someone turned off the lights on the Gaza Strip Club (bad joke).

After being interrogated last night over my own past holy land hitchhiking antics by my mildly concerned parents it appears that I am going to have to rethink my own theoretical tremping practices. My previous understanding was that hitchhikers in pre-67' Israel were usually safe as far as getting free rides from joy riding Hamas-niks was concerned. After this recent spree I think I may seriously reconsider my own tremping strategies the next time I return to from galut.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On the banks of the rivers of New York, there we sat and cried as we remembered T'zion (Ziyyon for anyone whos read the road signs)

Yeah well thats a depressing way to start a blog. The holy land has been missed ever since the descending return to shmutz la'aretz as it is called in some tiny circles. The stray cats, greasey haired and tight jean wearing sabras, stone houses, those wall posters in mea shearim that decry some kind of activity on the part of the oppressive not-yet frum entity, the big green buses, and most of all that air that was supposed to make you smarter (our rabbis said so) is all missed greatly. In truth theres a lot more that could be listed, perhaps some wise people could comile a whole shas (why do they say megilah?) regarding the blogsters feelings on this topic.

Funny thing is that this confused blogger doesnt actually hate shmutz la'aretz (a perversion of "chutz la'aretz"), I love the goldene medina with its jewel studded streets and happy children dancing through its eden-esque streets of paradise. In truth a minimum of two lives are necessary to fully explore ones full potential in this world. Perhaps this is also one of The Big and Strong Almighty fellow who lives up stair's practical jokes, give us so much to do and then just leave us with no time to do it all. Why'd I get to be stuck with a prankster for a deity?